Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ten Months

Double digits! In honor of turning 10 months old, here are the top 10 things you need to know about Cecilia to really know Cecilia.

10. She's a daddy's girl. She will bat my hands away and turn into Bryan when I try to take her from him. Probably why she showed her first steps to him and not me.

9. She's pretty stable standing independently, but those first steps haven't led to many subsequent steps yet; she will take a couple of steps a couple of times a day. In other words, not a whole lot of progress over the past week as far as walking is concerned. I'm making a prediction that by her next monthly update she'll be walking much more!

8. She eats like a total slob. Probably what you would expect from a 10 month old, but seriously she's a pig. I have to mentally brace myself before giving her chunks of bananas or avocados or the like. To help keep herself clean she has started feeding the dog and letting her lick her hands. I try to tell Cecie that's gross, but she ignores me.

7. She has hit the "when you say no I'm going to do it anyways and get really excited about it" phase.

6. She has three teeth on the bottom and almost three on top. That little one on top is being very stubborn, but we can see it (on the rare occasion she actually lets us look for a second).

5. She can repeat uh-oh, nigh-nigh and dada. She frantically says nana when she sees her bottle and yells mama when she wants to get out of her crib, but I can't tell yet if she's saying it on purpose. I'll give her dada as the first word she uses correctly and pretty consistently (see number 10)! She said what sounded like "my broddah" (my brother) over and over the other day when playing with Simon. No, I didn't think she was actually saying "my brother," but it was fun to imagine her saying it for real one day.

4. You know all about her hair. Still a lot. Still on the curly side.

3. We pretty much never hold the bottle for her anymore. I love when she one hands makes her look like such a big kid.

2. She has been playing peek-a-boo by covering her face with something (like a towel) for a while, but recently she started trying to play by using her hands to cover her eyes. She usually manages to get at least one eye covered :) She's also gotten much more consistent with waving when you say hi, bye-bye or night-night, shooting her arms up when you ask how big she is, and clapping when you ask her to play patty cake. It's fun to watch her express that she understands a little of what we're saying!

1. She doesn't really have a tutu personality like many of these pictures might lead you to believe. I think she's beautiful, but dainty and graceful? Not so much. Doesn't she look like a little brute here?! :)


  1. love this post! love the tutu shots even though you claim she's a brute! i know what you mean about the eating messy stuff!!!! hugh will NOT hold his own bottle whatso ever (what a baby! haha). love reading youru pdates so ic an see what is to come. RR

  2. i love the first pic with the reindeer antlers...soo cute. like frame-able! maybe even just a framer that comes and goes with the holiday decorations?! I love the tutu, too! Hard to remember that Lily ever fit into it!!!

  3. she is adorable. WIsh I did the tutu more often with Syd at that age. their squishy thighs and all that yummy stuff. I love following your journey with her hair. It is gorgeous and you do an amazing job! What a fun journey the two of you are having with it. I am just excited when I get her part decent with Syd's simple pig tails. I don't know how you do it! Love it.