Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flying and Fire Breathing

On Saturday we surprised Simon and took him to see the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular (or "show" as a normal person might call it). On the way there he asked about 47 times where we were going and why. He clearly knew something was off because he wouldn't quit with the inquisition and no answer seemed to pacify him. Bryan and I both just kept quietly laughing at his persistence and eventually we let him play Angry Birds to distract him.

When we finally got in the Bradley Center he saw a poster for the show and yelled, "How to Train Your Dragon!" and then very quickly spotted the merchandise booth and yelled much more animatedly, "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!" He pulled us over to the booth and begged for a dragon tail. He was about to burst. For better or worse, we decided to spoil him and bought the dragon tail.

At this point, I still don't think he really knew what we were doing there, but he started to figured it out once we found our seats. He asked if we were there to watch the movie and I tried to explain what was in store. He said, "So the dragons are going to be real? I'm super scared." From that moment on, he was snuggled up to one of us for the rest of the show and we didn't complain.

The most memorable part of the show, perhaps, was when the father was "swimming" to save his son and a dragon from drowning.

{It's difficult to explain, but in this show they used the same concept used in simulator machines. The back drop was an ever-changing image, and in this scene the back drop looked like water. The actors were hooked on to cables and "dove" in from high up and swam down towards the ground.}

The father got about 5 feet away from his now-limp, drowning son and just kind of hung out there treading water. Bryan and I looked at each other and wondered if that dad was just going to watch his kid die or what, but the guy started looking around in an unscripted sort of way and soon a voice boomed, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing technical difficulties..." Once we saw a giant, full sized crane emerge from behind the scenes we figured it was safe to get up and walk around for a bit.

It was during this impromptu intermission that Bryan caved and bought Simon another item from the merchandise booth....sucker. 



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