Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Coughs Continue

Last night around 3am Simon came into our room and said with a hoarse, broken voice, "I have the coughs, can I please have a cough drop?" I heard him hacking away prior to this so I told him to drink some more water while I looked for something else to help. When I got back to him I suspected a fever, and sure enough, a fever.

He was asleep about a half hour later, but of course I was up researching "cough and fever" on my trusty iPhone. As I suspected in early September, I think Simon has croup again. Plus, remember when he lost his voice a few weeks ago? I predict a visit to the doctor in our near future (I wish I predicted a nap for me too).

Before he went to bed, he seemed okay. He was coughing a little, but nothing too concerning. I got him and C new jammies and he was very excited to show them off for the camera. {The truth is that Bryan got me a bad ass flash for my camera and I thought I should actually attempt to use it one of these days. So I said with enthusiasm, "Simon, don't you want me to take your picture in your new jammies?!" He couldn't refuse and I couldn't help but marvel at my own puppet mastering skills. Ha.}

I can't quite figure out what her face is saying in this first picture...

Look at Bryan's face in the last picture. This is a pretty typical occurrence around here...much more comical when it's happening to someone else :)


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