Sunday, October 28, 2012

It continues

Last week we continued the Halloween hullabaloo with trick or treating in the downtown of our little village. Most of the businesses were handing out candy and since we only live a few blocks away we figured we should check it out. We wound up accumulating a lot of people to go on this little sisters, my neice and nephews, my mom, my neighbors, some close friends and our own family all braved the precarious weather. My in laws came in town also, but only in time to see us all returning from this little adventure soaked and numb. In other words, "precarious" eventually turned into freezing cold wind and a downpour.

But the kids got some much needed candy (ha) and we got some memories so I suppose it was worth it :)

Adia the Chick and Cecilia the Giraffe were checking each other out. I can't get enough pictures of these two together...

This was the whole group of kids: Max, Kaiya, Adia, Simon, Korvan, Anna, Clara, Cecilia and Jackson...

Simon the Vampire Bat and Kaiya the Pea Pod...

A Vampire Bat on the run...

Then later over the weekend, we finally got the house decorated. I'm a one trick pony when it comes to decorating for the various holidays. Aside from only having a handful of things, they mostly get hung in the kitchen from the old window treatment screws I lazily painted over when we moved in (proving to Bryan that this was actually a good move). This year we wound up with a giant spider (from where I honestly have no clue...maybe my mom?) and I spiced things up by hanging it from the light over our kitchen table....gettin' crazy, I know.

We also got our pumpkins carved (with Tiffany, Danielle and our neighbors). Simon and the other kids lost interest after about 5 minutes of de-gutting, but he left us with a request for a vampire bat on his pumpkin.

How hard could a bat be? I figured not very so I just dove in. What resulted was the beautiful masterpiece on the right. He very seriously and sadly said he was not happy with the job I did so I actually thought about it for 5 minutes and tried again. The one on the left was slightly more to his liking. Every time I look at the one on the right I can't help but laugh...seriously, not my best work.

Danielle gets credit for the spider and the mummy...not bad, but that UFO-Bat is the clear winner I think :)

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  1. cute pics!
    looks like fun had by all. i knew the first one was a bat when i saw it..but that swirly thing underneath..what was THAT supposed to be?!