Thursday, February 21, 2013

1st Steps Today, 5K Tomorrow

A friend and I took a photography class recently and wouldn't you know it, my attempts at getting the picture I wanted of Cecilia today was almost impossible. Every picture was either too bright, too dark, too grainy or too blurry. So much for learning a thing or two, I thought. The real problem likely wasn't my inability to implement new techniques as much as trying to do this with a wobbling baby as my subject. When it comes to trying to capture a one year old, right now I'm probably better off just blindly pointing and shooting and hoping for the best.

This picture perfectly illustrates how our morning looked. Is it wrong to think she is adorable here even though she is so clearly unhappy?? I think it's the bell bottoms that get me.

Eventually I got her to smile a little...

And after about five hundred pictures were snapped, I pretty much got what I was looking for: a happy Cecie up on her feet, rocking her Run Like a Mother onesie :)

Mission accomplished!

In related news, on Sunday the 17th she was in the toy room with Simon and he yelled, "Mom! Cecie's walking!" I peeked in and sure enough, she was walking all the way across the room to get to the door.  She's been taking steps here and there for three months, but never like this! I've been trying to get it documented ever since, and finally today I got her taking a few beautiful steps :)

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  1. Cecie walking...hilarious..she is walking like a soldier with knees straight and buckled, tottering around like she might just tip over. sooo cute to watch littles begin using their feet for their intended purpose!!
    First steps today....5k tomorrow! Before you bat an eyelash!