Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photoshop? Eh.

As I mentioned last week, I recently took a beginner's photography class and all they kept talking about was how great Photoshop is. They had it on sale for half off, so I gave them my money and hoped I could learn to use it. So far I'm either unimpressed with my ability to use it or unimpressed with the program. Not sure yet. 

I was able to remove some toys from a picture, which was a good start. See those toys behind Cecie here? Yeah, they were good and gone in a photoshopped picture, but alas, the edited file is too big to even upload so you'll just have to believe me. {Insert frustrated sad face here.}

So for now, I will stick with the comfort of iPhoto.

Loving her Minnie Mouse look these days. I'm especially loving that the last time we did her hair this way it lasted for a good two weeks!! Can't beat that :)


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