Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This and that

I hate to admit defeat, but no dietary changes seem to be enough to fix the problem I have with acid reflux. As irritating as that fact is, I can no longer just ignore it so tomorrow I'm going to swallow a tiny camera for a doctor and let him look at my guts. I'm nervous for the procedure and more so for the results. 

Mostly I'm looking forward to a free pass to nap the afternoon away after it's over.


I'm still very much immersed in indecision about where to send Simon to school next year. There are so many things to consider. We are touring our public school option on Friday morning so hopefully that will help sway me one way or another. Bryan has his mind made up I think, but I'm not so sure yet. I make up my mind every day, then change it with my whole heart the next day. Then back again.

In the meantime, Simon will continue to just be a happy 4Ker right where he's at and I will continue to worry myself silly until a decision is made.


A couple of my friends are going down to working part-time soon and I'm really happy for them. They've been on my mind a lot!


The kids' doctor is on medical leave right now so we had to cancel their 1 and 5 year check ups. I'm hoping he is back in the office soon, for his sake and ours! I want to know exactly what she weighs at exactly 1 year. Such is life. 


When Simon eats sandwiches with any kind of nut butter on it he winds up looking like the Joker. 


Cecilia has been rocking headbands all week and her hair was out of control. It seriously looked crazy.  Don't believe me? See for yourself:

She might kill me for posting that picture one day. Ha.

It's amazing what a wash and a few twists can do though! The headbands just seem to do damage, unfortunately. The good news is I'm getting faster at doing her hair. It took less than an hour to give her a bath, detangle and moisturize her hair, twist it up, feed her a bottle and get her to bed for a nap!

{Yes, she is talking on the phone. Sooo cute!}


That's all I got!


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