Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10

A friend and I were texting about our Top 3 things we like to do to relax (when we are off of mom duty). She and another friend both blogged their full Top 10 lists so I thought I would follow suit!

In no particular order...

  1. Wander around Target all by myself with no time constraints.
  2. Watch TV shows with Bryan after the kids go to bed.
  3. Go for walks with family or friends.
  4. Take and edit photos (and blog them!).
  5. Go to the movies (especially in the summer...I love walk into blazing heat after being in a cold movie theater).
  6. Drink Starbucks (I really, really need to learn how to make an equivalent product at home).
  7. Take super hot showers in the winter.
  8. Read about real food, talk about real food, cook real food and eat real food (Starbucks is exempt of course). 
  9. Talk, text, email, etc. I like to communicate with people. Often. Just ask my phone bill. There are about 13 people in my life with whom I touch base with very regularly, at least half of which I talk to or text with nearly every day. It's a wonder I get anything accomplished (and perhaps the reason there are many days when I don't actually get all that much accomplished).
  10. Listen to books (not to be confused with reading books with my eyes). 

And in contrast, here is my Top 5 list of things other people do to relax or have fun that would stress me out, make me anxious or just plain not interest me...
  1. Take a bath. If it's not a hot tub, I'm not interested. Maybe I've never had a good bath setup but I spend the whole time trying to get comfortable rather than relaxing.
  2. Road trips. They sound fun, but I'm maxed out around 4-5 hours and will only subject myself to even this far once or twice a year. Whenever we drive anywhere that's more than a few minutes away I daydream about not being a muggle and being able to apparate Harry Potter style. That'd be awesome.
  3. Go to a bar. You want to see me physically uncomfortable? Take me to a crowded bar and tell me to try to find a spot and order drinks. Thinking about it stresses me out.
  4. Read a book. Unless I'm on vacation, I cannot relax enough to read a book with my eyes. Even on vacation, I think I'd rather lay there with my eyes closed and have someone read the book to me (I'm just that lazy I guess).
  5. Go to Brewers games. I straight up do NOT get the appeal. Once in a while for conversation, maybe? I'm not against going to see any professional sports, but baseball eludes me. 
I wonder how many of you would love the things on my least favorite list and vice versa. Luckily we really don't have to agree on any of this to still be friends...our differences make the world go round, right? :)


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