Friday, February 1, 2013

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

Our baby is a year old and what a beautiful year it has been. As far as a baby's first year goes, she takes the cake. For the most part she has always eaten well, slept well, pooped well and has never really cried for no apparent reason. What more could you possibly ask for out of a baby? Plus she's cute, so really, we hit the baby jackpot if you ask me!

Every minute of every day isn't always peaches and sunshine and rainbows, of course. For example, I'm trying to block out our midnight rendezvous from the other night (and a couple other nights this week) and her increasingly frequent demonstrations of "independence" or "personality" or whatever you want to call it.

But challenges and all, she's one hell of a kid.

Eating: She eats three meals a day, plus about 4 bottles filled to the brim with whole milk. Breakfast is usually toast and/or fruit. Lunch and dinner are usually some variation of whatever we are having. The dog gets fed copious amounts of whatever it is I gave her.

Sleeping: We are (mostly) done with two naps a day already. She generally naps from about 11-2; sometimes her naps will last an hour, sometimes four. We roll with it. With the exception of the aforementioned nights from this past week, she will typically sleep 12-13 hours a night without making a single peep. Those nights are downright magical, and frankly they never stop feeling magical despite being the norm.

Pooping: We're still using cloth diapers primarily. She will always be in a disposable diaper at night and at the Y (they don't understand that they are essentially the same thing for anyone but the launderer), but other than that I try to stick with cloth as much as possible. She seems to poop an awful lot so I'm very grateful for the liners that catch most of it!

Playing: She is an explorer, as I'm sure every single 1 year old on the planet is. Nothing keeps her attention for very long as there is always something else nearby to get her hands on. She seems to like anything that Simon has in addition outlets, remotes, phones and books (of course not board books, but regular books that she can obliterate). She loves to make a mess. This seems to be her most favorite thing. Also, crawling into areas that are normally off limits make her cackle like nothing else. She loves to be naughty!

Mobility: She can and does walk, but very occasionally. This week was the first time she actually let go of something on her own and took a few steps to get to me. She is progressing extreeeeemely slowly...considering her first steps were taken 2 and a half months ago! What can I say, the girl loves to crawl.

Backpacking: I still wear her on my back for at least some portion of the day, every single day, usually when I'm trying to get dinner ready. I think "thank goodness for baby carriers" every time she's in it.

Teething: She has eight big, beautiful teeth. Four on top, four on the bottom. Seems to me she is in a constant state of teething so maybe more are going to be poking through soon? Her bottom teeth appear to sit in front of her top teeth a little so I think braces might be in our future.

Talking: It's hard to say what are real words, what are accidental words, and what she is just repeating. Uh-oh, dada, nigh-nigh, no, nana (banana), mama, bye bye, hi and whatsat (what's that) have all left her mouth at completely appropriate times on more than one occasion of her own volition and/or when asked to repeat. Uh-oh, dada, no and nigh-nigh are the most consistent (notice mama is not on this consistent list...sassy girl). The rest of the time she is a serious story teller. Church seems to be her most favorite place to tell comedic stories to herself.

Personality: She is getting a little more jovial in her old age. She used to be a little more serious and lately it seems like she thinks everything is funny. She is even smiling more easily at strangers surprisingly enough. There is nothing like watching a new personality start to emerge!

So there you have it. Cecilia is one!


And during our photo shoot here was poor Simon, still fighting a fever...not a fun way to celebrate your sister's big day!

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  1. Love to read your updates, but I have to say that reading the title, all I could think of was "eggs in your ovaries" from our fertility study session at GB. :)

    Happy Birthday Cecie!