Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Day (Part 2)

I wound up doing a little more to celebrate Valentine's Day than originally expected. I followed Simon's lead and we had a very red, very heart filled day. From our attire to our food, were in celebration mode (as much as one can celebrate this day on the fly anyway). It's great fun having a five year old....his excitement is downright contagious. 

And outside of him telling me he was going to throw me in the garbage and what did I think about THAT?! he was quite a loving, snuggling, hugging little guy today. Ha.

I almost forgot about a festive onesie that I bought for C last summer, but luckily Simon's insistence on wearing red reminded me about it. I didn't plan on taking a thousand pictures of her today, but she was in a great mood this afternoon and those little puffs were just screaming TAKE MY PICTURE! So I did. I took a lot of pictures. Here are some my favorites!

I think I could look at this last one for hours and never grow tired of it. 

And below are my two other loves, sporting their "shiny" shirts together. Simon really is Bryan's kid...the boy could wear that spandex-like shirt every day and I'm pretty sure Bryan could too :) 
Love them. 
Feeling complete today.

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  1. Such great pictures!!! Love them all...super cute one of Bryan & Simon too :)