Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simon Simon Simon

Simon's hair was getting a little out of control.

I can't quite pinpoint what or whom he looks like when he has bangs like this, but he looks more like Simon to me when they are gone....

I love that Cecilia is entering what I think is the best part about having kids: learning to talk. Once they start talking you can say hello to years of thinking did he really just say that?? every single day. And at age five, Simon still catches me off guard all the time. Most of the stuff that really stops me dead in my tracks is pure sassiness, but sometimes the pure sweetness catches me too.

So here are a few things he's said lately that will not be nearly as funny, sweet or clever to you, but captures his essence perfectly to me nonetheless :)

Simon: I'm thirsty.
Me: Ok
Simon: You can choose.
Me: Choose what?
Simon: Something for me to drink.
Me: I didn't hear you ask for anything.
Simon: That's because your ears aren't open.
{Eventually he asked properly and was given a drink.}
Simon: I finished it, when can I have my next drink.
{Note this doesn't end with a question mark. It was more of a statement. What a sweet child.}

Bryan told him to clean something up and Simon said this with complete and utter indignation, rage, shock and disgust:
"YOU'RE gonna tell ME to clean up?"
{That one bought him a one way ticket to his room pretty quick.}

Bryan was sick with the flu and was laying on the couch, where Simon clearly wanted to be. He said ever so sweetly, "I suggest you go upstairs on your bed. You'll be more comfortable"
{Thank you for the suggestion.}

I told Simon I didn't want him to come in our bed that night, something he will do on and off.
Simon: Why don't you want me to sleep in your bed?
Me: Because there's not enough room.
Simon: That's because YOUR pillows take up too much room.
{Well, gosh, I'm sorry.}

We were at the Y and Cecie was crawling away laughing hysterically that I had to chase her.
Simon: I just love Cecie's laugh. It's so cute and it makes me so happy.
{See, I told you he could be sweet, too!}

I love cashews so much I just can't stand it.
{Just cute. Makes me wonder how much I say things like this.}

"Mom, I know you're going to think this is totally weird. {Long, serious pause.} But I want to be a puppy." He got a hold of a harness leash and was holding it in his hands with a look on his face that was encouraging me to just roll with it. I declined his request so he proceeded to dress up like a cowboy and fixate on the fact that cowboys ride horses so they should be called horseboys, shouldn't they? He was genuinely concerned that the english language failed on this one. Ha :)

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  1. that hair was getting a little unruly! I noticed last time I saw him that it looked like he had bangs! So funny you wrote about it!