Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting Back to Normal: A Post About Hair

It seems as though Cecilia's hair has gone through some changes in the past few weeks. Some areas by her forehead have (sadly) broken off resulting in styles that won't last as long as they once did, the back is getting so long that it looks a wee bit scary after only a couple of days, and it seems to be getting drier by the day...that silky soft baby hair is on its way out!

It's time to start changing things up I think. While the baby fro is adorable, I just don't think we can play that card for much longer. I tried to do puff ponytails on her a while back, but her hair was just too short to really make it work for more than a few hours....

It's grown so much since then that I could probably get away with doing just three ponytails with plenty of length on each so they won't fall out super easily. I tried a variation on this idea today. There is a lot going on with this new look, but I'm going to monitor it and see what works so we can keep adapting. We might be entering puff zone for awhile until her hair grows back in the front and we both have the patience again to sit and do styles like this!

Lots of love from Brother today. She doesn't have time for hugs, but that didn't stop him from trying :)

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  1. We've been doing comb coils as a protective do. It works great for holding in the moisture, and looks cute too! I only get 3-5 days, but that's pretty good for us.