Friday, February 22, 2013

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Today I took both kids in for their check-ups. This was the first time having one of these done together, but it worked great and saved me a trip! Our regular pediatrician is on medical leave so we had to see a different doctor. I loved the nursing staff and the doctor was fine, but she was no Dr. Solberg. I'll definitely be going back to him again once he is better.

Simon was WIRED. He was all jacked up to be there and the nurse remarked how it was refreshing to have a child come in who was so outgoing and unafraid. She also noted that he "has the gift of gab" and was impressed with his level of confidence for a young lad. I think he surprised us all even further when he was genuinely disappointed that he didn't need any shots. He really wanted to show everyone how short of a time he could cry for and asked for a shot about thirty five times, getting more and more crabby with every "no." Dead serious.

Here's what his five year stats are:
39.8 pounds (44th percentile)
42 inches (27th percentile)
20/20 vision

Cecilia could feel Simon's excitement I think so she was all over the place exploring the doctor's office and getting her hands on as much as humanly possible. Unfortunately for her, today was a day for shots but she handled them like a champ. She cried for a couple of minutes, but settled down pretty quickly thank goodness.

Here's what her one year stats are:
22 lbs 12 oz (84th percentile)
32 inches (100th percentile)
48 cm head circumference (100th percentile)

Fun fact: at one year, Simon's head was bigger by almost 2 cm, he weighed about 2 pounds more and he was about 2 inches shorter than Cecilia. Ha :)

Bottom line? They are both growing, healthy and doing exactly what they should be doing for their respective ages.

Feeling so completely blessed today. 


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