Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's confusing, I know.

This morning I met up with a friend at a different Y than I normally go to and used this location's kid care for the first time. When I went to pick them up, Simon came right up to the door and was let out so he could get to me. 

Cecie was sitting in a little baby stroller and got one look at me and started bawling. I told the nearest worker that she was mine and she asked, "The one in the stroller?" I confirmed and continued to check them out of the system. 

Next thing I know there's a pale, bald baby practically thrust into my arms. Nothing against pale, bald babies but my baby just doesn't quite fit that description. 

I looked behind me and saw nobody waiting so it was clear this baby was, in fact, headed for me. I sort of put my hands up, took a step back and said, "She's not mine." The worker was utterly confused because there was no other baby in that area that could possibly be mine.

Meanwhile, Cecilia was picked up by another worker who was trying in vain to console her (because, after all, she was so close to her mommy but couldn't get to me). I looked square at this worker, pointed, and said, "That one's mine." She literally turned around to see who was behind her, just like I turned around earlier to see who that white baby must belong to.

"Yes, that one. I know it's confusing." 

Eventually she made her way to me and Cecie dove into my arms and stopped crying immediately, but that woman still looked uneasy like she just handed the wrong baby to the wrong mom and was worried about it (never mind that she was about to mindlessly give me a baby that was actually not mine about 1 minute earlier). I just ignored her and went about our business. Seriously, though, are we the first transracial adoptive family ever to set foot there? I doubt it.

Luckily there is a pretty good system in place for matching parents and babies for just this reason (I never would have been able to walk out with that white baby despite it getting as far as it did). Thank goodness for that!!

On a related note, Cecie has been called "Thea" a few times at the kid care we normally go to. Why? Because Thea is another little brown girl with a white mom who goes there. Nothing to do about that but laugh a little!

And I realize these pictures don't really have anything to do with anything, but here they are just the same :)

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  1. I'm sorry these odd things happen but you know what? Actually I'm really glad because it means 2 things
    1. There are people out there who adopt a perfect little gal like C and love her to bits and pieces. You are giving her everything! I try never to think about what her life would have been if she wasn't so lucky to be a Hermus. She is blessed.
    2. You opened this workers eyes. Hopefully she learns from this and that is something in itself right there.