Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Happy

I know I've been a little blog happy lately, but I can't help myself. I just have to share this because it's not every day your 3.75 year old reaches a new milestone. When they are much smaller, it seems like they are doing something new every day. While it feels like Simon is expanding his vocabulary and story telling skills on a daily basis, these are not skills you can really write down as a milestone.

Today Simon proved that he is truly a child of the next generation. I opened a word document for him and without an ounce of help from me, he rather quickly typed the following:


He seems years away from writing it, but he can type it! I was one seriously proud mama :)


He almost hit a second milestone today as well. We bought a high back booster that is supposed to be for kids over 3 years old, at least 30 pounds and 38 inches tall so technically it's safe for him. We brought it out to the car, set it up and buckled him in.

Then I stared to hyperventilate and my eyes started to water.

I'm not prone to panic attacks, but this was as close as I've ever gotten. It's absurd I know, but I am going to call it intense mother's intuition and I got him out of that thing and back to his regular seat before the car was even started. I think he is a hair too short still which is why I was having such issues. I am soooooo excited for the day when he is in that booster for real, though. I guess I'll try again in a few months...


And finally...I know the picture quality is not the greatest, but do you see a little striped arm under the bed?

He was supposed to be napping, but I heard him moving around upstairs so I went to check on him. As I'm opening the door to the future baby's room, I see him silently slipping under the bed. I said something like, "I don't see anyone in here so I guess I'll leave," and he stayed completely still and silent. I closed the door but left it open a slit. He waited about 30 seconds then started to make his way out, staring at the door the whole time. I was completely laughing (silently) so I couldn't go in. I turned to walk away and when he heard me he flew under the bed again. We played this game several more times and for whatever reason it was making me laugh uncontrollably. Eventually the game ended and he wound up winning the nap battle as usual. I know you had to be there, but it's something I will think about and laugh at for a long time I think :)

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  1. the booster seat is SOOOOO GREAT once they are in it. THey can very quickly, buckle themselves. It is heaven. Henry lost a pound so still has three pounds to go. But I will probably keep him in his current seat until after the snowy driving season. Paranoid. I think we all have things that make us hyperventilate about our kids. And it is okay that they are all different so move the boy when you are ready and be excited! Kinda like turning them forward facing. Such big steps.