Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful - 11

I'm thankful for my alarm clock. No numbers and beeping for me....mine is in the form of a little boy.

He's always happy and excited when it gets "blue outside," he comes in our room and says "mommmmmyyyy" with a giant smile like he's been waiting forever just to see me again, and he snuggles with me until I'm ready to get up (or until he loses patience, whichever comes first).

What a welcome to the day, right? :)

I'm also thankful for everyone who serves our country! This week I got to visit with my cousin who is a marine serving in Afghanistan and it's amazing the conditions he deals with every day so we can have the conditions we enjoy every day. It sounds entirely miserable and terrifying over there, but there they in and day out following orders and doing their part to protect us. It's quite amazing actually. 

Ever wonder what they do for fun in the middle of a sand pile? They find giant camel spiders (even worse than they sound) and have them fight each other; they might throw a scorpion in there too for added fun. I would not fare well...


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