Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I bet your night was better than this....

My sister and her husband have three kids. Clara is 6, Jackson is about 2 and a half and Max is about 1 and a half.

It all started in the car on Sunday. While on the way to my parent's house from Manitowoc to pick up her kids, my sister's back started to cramp. When she got out of the car, she started rocking back and forth and I would have sworn we had an "I didn't know I was pregnant" case on our hands...it looked like she was in labor. She said it felt that way too, only the pain was consistent and never came and went like it does in labor (my hopes of delivering a baby in my mother's kitchen was therefore dashed). She went home to rest/heal while my mom and I watched the kiddos for the afternoon.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Her back is still far from perfect, but she can get around okay thanks to Ibuprofen and heating pads.

Fast forward to Monday evening. Clara (6) gets home from school and pukes. In the frog potty. And all over her clothes. Jackson (2.5) is potty training and wants to use it but points out that his frog potty has puke and clothes in it. So he poops his pants. April hobbles around with her bum back trying to get everyone cleaned up.

Fast forward another hour or so. Clara pukes in a bucket, but in the heat of the moment decides to knock the bucket out of April's hands, dumping what would have been perfectly contained puke all over the floor.

Fast forward into the night. Jack is heard gagging on the monitor, but doesn't say anything. He gags again a little while later so April goes to check on him. He puked and proceeded to rub it on his jammies and all over his sheets. Meanwhile, Max (1.5) is standing in his crib and pukes over the side of it all over the floor.

It's Clara's turn to puke again and the pressure causes her to have diarrhea in her pants. Twice.

All of this was retold to me this morning and since there's nothing like good poop humor, we were laughing it up pretty good. I really think she would have preferred to be crying, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the insanity!

April, you are one hell of a woman. I love that you are able to laugh at things like this and try your best to roll with the punches. Your kids are lucky to have you. I am hoping and praying the flu chaos is behind you!!


  1. Thanks for blogging about this. I didn't have the energy to do it! Another quick funny story; After I was cleaning up one of the nights I heard Max walking around and gagging. He found the puke bucket in his room and was walking around pretending to puke in it. That poor child has been exposed to a lot for a 18mo. old. Fun week. glad its over. :)