Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful - 10

I'm thankful for vegetarianism.

Super lame, I know, but I'm actually really thankful for it for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:
  • My cholesterol has dropped pretty significantly in just a few months time
  • I've tried tons of new amazing meals that I simply would have ignored in the past
  • I can do all my shopping in one place because I don't have to worry about getting "good meat" from a nicer grocery (after finding tons of chopped up arteries in the ground beef at Aldi, I was done buying from just anywhere)
  • I don't have to eat overcooked chicken out of fear that it will in turn be undercooked
  • I feel good about having a smaller carbon footprint
  • We are eating out much less because most vegetarian meals from a restaurant can either be easily duplicated at home or are ridiculously overpriced, which in turn saves us money and probably a lot of extra calories
I will never say that I will never eat meat again (never say never and all that), but right now there are just too many compelling reasons to continue this way of life. I'm also so thankful that my husband is on board and we're in this together. It makes it so much easier!

And this picture is just because I think my kid is cute (I'm allowed, right?):


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