Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Few Good Moments

Over the summer whenever we would take Simon in water that was too deep for his feet to touch the bottom, he would hang onto you like a spider monkey. I remember him saying "this is making me nervous" at one point. I was laughing about hearing a 3 year old say he was nervous, but also worried he would never lose his fear of the water.

So for the past few months, Bryan has taken Simon to the pool at the Y every week or two to help him get more comfortable in the water and really just for something fun to do together. The time in the water has definitely paid off! We all went on Saturday night and for the first time ever, Simon swam around in the deep end with nothing but a noodle and a water belt. He was excited that he could "steer" so well and it was like he had been doing it forever. It was one giant step closer to being an independent swimmer and my proud mama cheeks were tired from smiling by the time we got out of there.

Who needs swim lessons when you have a dad? :)


Today was the Menomonee Falls Christmas Parade. It's great because it starts one house away from ours so we don't have to tow chairs and blankets very far, everyone can just park right in our driveway and a clean bathroom is about a minute's walk away. This year we remembered to bring plastic bags because of all the candy that is handed out (which is a much more efficient way to collect candy than at Halloween by the way), and dressed warmer than ever before so it was a tolerable hour of being outside in the cold. The kids had fun and the parade was short so everyone was happy :)

A RARE family pic!
My Aunt Monica was swarmed by little people because she was tossing marshmallows into their mouths.

After much bribing, we got a smile out of Simon. We couldn't get these two to smile at the same time, though!

This was Lily's good smile pic...Simon might have still be resisting here...can't be sure.

I don't know what he was promised to smile like this, but I'm glad he did it!

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  1. Can't believe youre so ok with the swimming since you're so scared of dry drowning!! Hahah. Happy to hear he's meeting another milestone. Love the parade pics!!