Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nap Faker

Up until a couple of months after Simon's third birthday, he napped for about 3 hours every day. The closer he got to three and a half, the more he wised up to the fact that napping is for suckers. He would still nap a few times a week, but gradually that number shriveled to where it is today: a two hour nap once or twice a month. Maybe.

Today he had me fooled into thinking it would be one of those days....and it kind of was.

He was crying about nothing and everything today so come 1:30pm I decided to show him who was boss and demanded a nap (ha). He cried and thrashed for a while and then all of a sudden he pulled himself together and said he would lay down. I was skeptical, but wasn't about to argue. 

He was quiet so I turned on my iPod and picked up where I left off with The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, took out the recycling, did some research for Run Like a Mother and tended to some laundry. I went upstairs with said laundry and was surprised to hear him jabbering away. I went back downstairs as quietly as possible, but the damage was done. My footsteps meant he was free to get up apparently.

It was an hour of rest for him and an hour of productivity for me, so in my book it was a win. I'll take a fake nap any day of the week...if only I could get him to want to fool me in such a way more often :)


  1. Love that little Nookie boy pic!! So cute. I sure hope naps are a constant in our world for a long time! (crossing my fingers!)

  2. He's so little in that pic :) So cute!